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Balsem Cap Dragon

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Balsem Cap Dragon

Balm (Balm) is a liniment that is applied to the skin in a semi-solid dosage form. Using the balm will cause a burning sensation in the muscles, cause relaxation and stimulate blood flow so that the pain is lessened.

Usage of Balm:

The aromatic pungent scent of the balm can prevent nausea and motion sickness. It can also be used to relieve headaches, can be applied to the nape of the neck and temples, relieve stomach pain, relieves itching due to insect bites, and can be used for massage and scraping

There are 3 types of balms according to your needs.

Muscle Balm

Glass Pot Packaging 20 gr and 40 gr

POM. QD: 083708051

Products with semi-solid dosage forms / such as ointments, are soft, easy to apply, are used as external medicines which serve to protect or relax the skin or relieve pain or pain.

Composition :

Mentholum 5%
Oleum Caryophylli 5%
Champora 10%
Oleum Menthae 5%
Oleum Eucalypti 15%
Methyl Salicylate 20%
Vaselinum Album 30%

To help relieve joint pain, muscle aches, aches, gout pain, colds, dizziness, motion sickness, bloating and itching due to insect bites.

Usability :

  1. Relieves waist and back pain
  2. Relieves post-exercise pain
  3. Relieves whiplash, sprains
  4. Relieves aches

How it works:

  1. Rest the part that hurts
  2. Rub the dragon cap muscle balm
  3. Massage lightly, for a few minutes
  4. Wait a few moments for the heat to sink in

How Balm Work:

  1. When applied to a sore body part, it will give a warm sensation. 
  2. Makes blood and body fluids flow smoothly
  3. Circulation of nutrition and oxygen distribution to body cells smoothly
  4. The body becomes relaxed and refreshed. To speed up the process assisted massage.

Advantages of Muscle Balm

  1. Fresh scent
  2. Natural white color, without dyes
  3. Quickly absorbed, hotter & longer lasting
  4. perfect consistency for massage and scraping
  5. Not sticky to the skin

Green Balm

plastic pot packaging 10 and 20 gram,

POM QD : 083 707 991

An Aromatherapy Balm

Composition :

Mentholum 5 %
Champhora 4 %
Peppermint Oil 5 %
Eucaliptus Oil 4 %
Eugenol 4 %
Methyl Salicylate 4,5%
Cassia Oil 0.1%
Capsicum Oil 0.1%

Yellow Balm

Glass pot packaging 16 dan 36 gram,

POM QD :  083 707 981

Is a balm with comfortable heat

Composition :

  • Champora 10 %
  • Mentholum 7.5 %
  • Cassia  Oil 3.5 %
  • Peppermint Oil 10 %
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5
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