minyak urut cap dragon

Liniment Oil

Minyak Urut cap dragon

Urut Oil (Liniment) is a liniment applied to the skin, in the form of a liquid dosage form, has properties to reduce pain due to sprains, sprains, back aches, rheumatism and for whole body massage 

Urut Oil is specially made to relieve stiff muscles, sprains by applying it to parts of the body that need it. Where massage oil when applied will give a sensation of heat. To speed up healing, it can be helped by doing massage on the area that is needed. Massage will provide stimulation that can improve blood flow and body fluids. As a result, the circulation of the distribution of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body becomes smooth without the slightest obstacle. Furthermore, the circulation of the bloodstream will provide a relaxing and refreshing effect to all members of the body.

Symptoms of Stiff Muscles and Sprains often occur when you finish exercising or doing strenuous activities, therefore massage oil is recommended to be taken when going to exercise.


  • Methyl Salicylates 40 %
  • Eucalyptus Oil 20 %
  • Myristicae 5%
  • Citronella Oil 10 %

The efficacy of each ingredient in Liniment Oil :

  1. Methyl Salicylates / Gondopuro oil as an active ingredient that can provide a feeling of heat so that blood flow becomes smooth.
  2. Eucalyptus Oil as an active ingredient that is effective in providing an aromatherapy sensation so that the user will feel refreshed.
  3. Myristicae / Nutmeg Oil as an active ingredient that is effective in reducing pain.
  4. Citronella Oil as an additive to reduce or neutralize the aroma of gondopuro oil.

VOLUME       :

  • 60 ml, packed in a glass bottle equipped with a double seal.
  • Registration Number: POM QD. 083 608 001.

Efficacy & Usage (external medicine):   :

  1. To reduce pain due to: sprains, sprains, back aches, rheumatism
  2. For full body massage.


Apply it to the area that needs it and then rub it in until it feels warm and comfortable.


Why is Dragon Liniment Oil Not Hot?
Everyone's sensitivity to feeling heat is not the same.
Maybe if you rub it once it's less hot, but if you use it for a full body massage, it will feel hotter.
To feel the double warmth one hour after the massage, take a shower with warm water or the part that is smeared with massage oil, wrapped briefly with a warm towel, then immediately after that the body will feel hot once again.

To overcome if it is too hot, you can rub it with telon oil or coconut oil on the area that feels hot.

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