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Founded in 1948 and started as a Home Industry company that produced Menthol Rub (the first product). Along with the people's need for traditional medicines and our desire to contribute in the health sector, especially in traditional medicine, PT Dragon Prima Farma has increased the production of several types of products such as: Cajuputi Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Telon Oil, Liniment Oil, Powder, Balm, and Aromatherapy Oil.

Over the years tried, tested and trusted from generation to generation, PT Dragon Prima Farma has made various innovations, developed various formulations and applications and transformed into a traditional medicine industry with pharmaceutical standards.

The entire production process is under one roof and is not interrupted from one process to the next. To ensure the quality of its production, PT Dragon Prima Farma uses the CPOTB (Good Traditional Medicine Manufacturing Method) standard. All PT Dragon Prima Farma products in circulation already have a distribution permit from BPOM and all ingredients used are halal materials so they have a Halal Certificate from MUI and BPJPH

In addition to ensuring the quality management system, PT dragon Prima Farma has also received a certificate ISO 9001- 2015. It is not surprising that PT Dragon Prima Farma's products also penetrated foreign markets including several countries in West Africa and the Middle East, Hong Kong, Brunei, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, the Netherlands and the Fiji Islands.

We are committed to always maintaining product quality and prioritizing customer satisfaction. 

"TRUSTED FOR QUALITY" is the motto of the company PT Dragon Prima Farma.


To be a leading and trusted company that provides quality topical products.


1. Contribute that is useful and can be used as a source of pride for Nusa and the Nation.
2. Provide added value for shareholders and members of the organization.
3. Providing quality natural products according to consumer expectations.


1. Kinship and professional 2. Respect and appreciate each other 3. Good teamwork. 4. Grow and develop together with members of the organization


dragon prima farma
pt dragon prima farma
menthol gosok dragon

menthol rub dragon

menthol rub dragon

sertifikasi iso

ISO certification

ISO certification

sertifikasi halal mui

MUI Halal Certification

MUI Halal Certification

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